So, I havent posted for a few days for a few reasons.

1. I have a lot of pre-college stuff to take care of.

2. I’m figuring out all my AnimeBlogger stuff.

That’s right! Pretty soon I’ll be on Anime Blogger!

*awaits applause*

Hopefully this could be my big boost in traffic and such, plus, I actually have my own site now, and I must say, I’m excited.

For a few more days, I’ll be moving all my posts and such manually over to the new blog. I can’t import, so I have to backdate and everything to make sure it’s the same. When the new blog is up, I’ll keep this one up for a while so you all can change your bookmarks and such. Thank you all who have been supporting me by reading my blog so far, lets hope I can actually update more often now that I’ll have a site.

Watashi Wa Ganbare Masu!


I remember when I first got into Shoujo-Ai. It was when I first started to get into BAV. When I got into the whole fanfic business with Ichino and Akari, I soon became a fan of Haruka and Michiru. (Cousins my ass.) And then eventually other couples, but that’s for another time. But eventually I found out about the site A great little scanlation site dedicated to all that is wonderful Shoujo-ai manga. I originally went there for H/M doujinshi, but I came across something just as great.

Strawberry Shake Sweet as it’s now called, is the mangaka by Hayashiya Shizuru. Shizuru has done other shoujo-ai esc mangaka before, but this is by far my favorite one. Strawberry Shake is about a girl named Julia Tachibana who is training to become an “idol.” (A star or model. One who’s always in magazines and TV dramas and such in Japan.) Right off the bat though, she has to train another upcoming idol named Ran Arisaka. Who of course, Julia almost falls in love with instantly.

I can’t say how much I love Ran’s character. If I was in Julia’s shoes, I’d probably fall head over heels over her too.

In the first chapter, Julia is quite reluctant to train her, and show Ran the ways of the upcoming idol. Ran however is completely dense to all of this, and just assumes Julia’s personality and aggressive behavior is just another form of ‘tough love.’

Julia however is clearly attracted toward Ran, (Ran has no idea) and manager Saeki has to deal with it all. Saeki is clearly annoyed by Julia’s over the top actions, and tries her hardest to repel Julia away from Ran. To no cigar though.

Now then, this right here gives us the clear knowledge of who’s the main protagonist, the “villain” to some extent, and the love interest. Although I can hardly claim Saeki a villain, since she’s just trying to make a living. We all know she’ll turn around and let the love bloom eventually.

Julia however has no idea what this “fluttery” feeling she’s getting about “Ran Ran” is though, and she’s left confused and quite oblivious until Saeki accidentally tells her it’s love, and her loving another girl could start a scandal. Julia however realizes “Could this be love?” and is happy she finally knows what his feeling is. She thus attempts to make a move on Ran, only to trip on a cord, and twist her ankle. Ran picks her up, asking if she’s okay and that she shouldn’t be on her foot. Julia becomes all flabbergasted, and then picks Ran up instead, saying its more sad that way.

Strawberry Shake Sweet has everything you need, humor, drama, romance, it’s all there, and is certainly something you should check out, even if you’re not a shoujo-ai fan. There are currently five chapters over at Lililicious, and you should download it, along with many other of their scanalations.

And so I don’t get my otaku butt sued, they’re the ones who own all these translations and such, I’m just cropping and using the pics as example. it seems there are so many small loopholes and things you can get in trouble over the net for now.

This is a question that has plagued many of Otaku; Fillers. You like them, or would you rather just keep with the plot?

For a while, I was never one to per-say hatefillers. There’s some in every anime, and unless the anime has nothing to do with anything, then I’ll watch them without complaining. But after watching a series like…lets say Bleach, fillers get annoying QUICK.


The nice thing about this anime, is the fact that the producers KNOW they can’t fool around with the series. Henceforth, all the fillers are in the first few episodes, and then it gets down and dirty with the start of the more serious plot at episode four.

Episode 2 started off well enough. We now know that Ichino and Akari are close friends, (I’ll leave you to judge whether they’re more then friends or not, but then that’s a whole another post by itself.) They sleep in the same bed, (Or Akari more so likes to sleep with Ichino) and have a cute relationship. Something that is brought out more so in the future of the series.

Also, it seems as if whenever they sleep together, Ichino gets kicked in the face when Akari wakes up. Unintentional I’m sure, but Ichino gets plenty pissed, and tells Akari that she can’t sleep with her anymore.Akari, defeated, trudges off to her room, where she then finds a surprise on her door.


Too Tired To Review...Even though I just started.

For some reason, it seems as if for the past week or so, my brain has not been on anime…to some extent. Sure, I finished Noir and Peacemaker Kurogane in that time, but I haven’t been able to figure out howI should go at reviewing them. Shall I take the lazy route and do one big review of the series, or should I be a good otaku and review every episode like a man…WOman…

I suppose the only way to go is to do one big review, and then singular reviews for either one…although Noir was by far my favorite out of the two, I should go ahead and do so when my mind is off video games and the occasional game of Kickball which I love so much. Work, life, getting ready for college, it;s taken mt over, making me most insane in the mainframe, but I will survive, and knock on wood to get this review done….tommorow….

Sorry….lazy Otaku equals no fun.

Both have been licenced….Finally. We can hope to see them here in North America early 2007. Let’s all give a big woot for this news.

I’m a much bigger fan of Japanese music than I am actual American music. I usually find that rather not knowing what the lyrics mean adds to the song, instead of everytime you hear it, trying to figure out what teh said artist meant by “If you really want to be with my lover, you gotta be with my friends…”

Therefore, I have quite an impression of anime music, and below is the list of the most catchiest to me, or the songs that have like a 60+ playcount on Itunes.

5. GetBackers – Yuragu Kotonai Ai

This was one of those songs I didn’t like the first time, then really got into after I started to watch the anime. Of course the ED is just as great, but I really like Naomi Tamura. This song although, seemed to fit perfectly with the anime at that certain point. I mean it’s the inspirational stuff you see in every other anime, yet it still retains that unique, rock-pop sound to it. not much else to say about the song besides the fact it kicks major butt.