You know, I’ve always been a fan of Cartoon Network. Or more so I used to be…until they took off most of their good shows, and replaced them with stuff like “Kids Next Door,” It was after that, I stopped watching the channel.

One of the shows however has always made me laugh. And the fact that at first it wasn’t even meant for kids makes it better. The Powerpuff Girls is mature, childish, and it’s type of humor is something else. (Anyone see that “Freedom Beef episode?)

So when I heard that there was going to be an anime based on the series, I was surprised, since PPG was already popular in Japan.

The first impressions I got from watching the first episode, was that they were going to keep it almost exaclty the same, I mean…if you take out all the commentary, adult humor, and Hanna-Barbera refrences.

It’s become a guilty pleasure though. The extreme a-la Sailor Moon transformation may be cute at first, but end up getting annoying, especially since they seem to go on forever. their personalities are kept in tact though, and Akatsutsumi Momoko (Blossom), Gotokuji Miyako (Bubbles), and Mastubara Kaoru (Buttercup) all have the same appeal as they had in the CN version.

Mojo, (The monkey) is surely something left to be desired though. His ‘crazy-monkey’ traits are still there, but he is now just a hulking, candy-stealing, clumsy oaf. Mojo is one of my favorite villians in the CN version, so this disapointed me a lot.

All the other characters are there, The Mayor, Ms. Bellum (With a clipboard constantly over her face), Prof. Utonium, Along with Son, All the villians that are in the CN version, and a new, “Kon-Pikachu-Kero-esc” Cybernetic Dog, Peach.

The art style is a little too much. There’s always so much goin on, you don’t knw where to concentrate on. And for the record, it’s EXTREMLY shoujo. (Hearts, cute bishie boys all included). The fight scenes could be a lot smoother. Fights between Mojo and the girls are all “A punches, B blocks, B punches, A blocks) and it’s all just kiddie fights, no real action is going on. Although they do destroy the city all the time, so I’m okay with that.

Even thoughthis could be a better anime, it will still be a little guilty pleasure of mine. I do like the over the top attack names, transformation scenes, and the wide variety of colorful characters and situations. I’ll probably be reviewing the anime as the site goes on, so watch out for that. I’m 50/50 on how popular this anime will be, and if it will possibly ever be brought to America, all I can do is keep watching. Although with all due respect, I like the American voices a lot better than the Japanese ones. Bubbles sounds too much like a grown woman.

P.S. The anime OP and ED are enjoyable too. We have Nana Kitade with the song Kibou No Kakera for the OP, and Mayonaka no DOOR by Liu Yi Fei for the ED. Both are the “rockish-Girl pop” type of songs, and remind me a lot of the Super Gals music. Except I still enjoy Aitsu! a lot more. It’s still worth a download though.