I’m a much bigger fan of Japanese music than I am actual American music. I usually find that rather not knowing what the lyrics mean adds to the song, instead of everytime you hear it, trying to figure out what teh said artist meant by “If you really want to be with my lover, you gotta be with my friends…”

Therefore, I have quite an impression of anime music, and below is the list of the most catchiest to me, or the songs that have like a 60+ playcount on Itunes.

5. GetBackers – Yuragu Kotonai Ai

This was one of those songs I didn’t like the first time, then really got into after I started to watch the anime. Of course the ED is just as great, but I really like Naomi Tamura. This song although, seemed to fit perfectly with the anime at that certain point. I mean it’s the inspirational stuff you see in every other anime, yet it still retains that unique, rock-pop sound to it. not much else to say about the song besides the fact it kicks major butt.

4. AIR – Tori No Shi

AIR is a beautiful anime, and the same could be said about the OP. This OP reminds me of anime like Scrapped Princess and Slayers for some reason. This kind of OP I think would have worked for any of those anime, but since it didn’t, we all have to live with the greatness that is Lia.

The song has that certain qualm to it where it’s calming, but it oddly sounds a lot like some old school Japanese disco song. It’s all jumpy and everything, but once you read the lyrics, and figure out what she’s saying, then you’re all like “Ohh…that’s a nice song.”

It’s also funny, because the current RPG I’m roleplaying in, my friends character theme song is Tori No Uta…which strangly fits perfectly, but you have to know the character, so there’s no point to even talk about it.

3. Noein – Idea

I was at SakuraCon when I first saw this anime. It’s one of the best I’ve seen, and I’ll be reviewing the anime eventually. But what even helped me enjoy the anime more was the amazing soundtrack. As soon as I got home from the convention, I looked everywhere on the net to download buy it. After I had, it had a constant play on my Itunes, and I didn’t stop listening to it for about three hours.

Besides the fact that this song is playing right now, it even has it’s own fanlisting, which just shows you how great it is. Everyone should get the OST to this anime, it’s certainly worth the time.

2. Bleach – -~Asterisk~

Orange Range = Awesome

1. CardCaptor Sakura – Catch You, Catch Me

Anything is better than WB’s “The Secret of the clow, was all a mystery….” CCS has ben one of the only shoujo anime I can stand. I’m not too big of a fan of cute shoujo type anime, but eventually, it wore down on me, and I became a fan.

Funny thing is, Everyone likes this song, regardless if they enjoy the anime or not. It’s too cute, catchy, and you find yourself singing “Catch You, Catch You, Catch Me, Catme Me, Matte!” all the time. Like I did when I first heard it. It was stuck in my head for about a week.


Although this list is much my basic one, there are many songs that didn’t make the list, but would have had a VERY close run for one of the places. Songs that didn’t make it but should have are:

AirMaster – Retsu No Matataki

Naruto – Seishun Kyosokyoku

Slayers – Give A Reason

Inuyasha – Grip

Full Metal Alchemist – Melissa

Ouran High School Host Club – Sakura Kiss

Kino No Tabi – All The Way

Battle Athletes Daiundokai – Wings

I’ll do a Anime ED eventually, athough that will be hard to figure out, since I have so many favorites. And another anime review will come tommorow, I promise…I’ve been to busy to get screencaps on the computer from the DVD….