Too Tired To Review...Even though I just started.

For some reason, it seems as if for the past week or so, my brain has not been on anime…to some extent. Sure, I finished Noir and Peacemaker Kurogane in that time, but I haven’t been able to figure out howI should go at reviewing them. Shall I take the lazy route and do one big review of the series, or should I be a good otaku and review every episode like a man…WOman…

I suppose the only way to go is to do one big review, and then singular reviews for either one…although Noir was by far my favorite out of the two, I should go ahead and do so when my mind is off video games and the occasional game of Kickball which I love so much. Work, life, getting ready for college, it;s taken mt over, making me most insane in the mainframe, but I will survive, and knock on wood to get this review done….tommorow….

Sorry….lazy Otaku equals no fun.