The nice thing about this anime, is the fact that the producers KNOW they can’t fool around with the series. Henceforth, all the fillers are in the first few episodes, and then it gets down and dirty with the start of the more serious plot at episode four.

Episode 2 started off well enough. We now know that Ichino and Akari are close friends, (I’ll leave you to judge whether they’re more then friends or not, but then that’s a whole another post by itself.) They sleep in the same bed, (Or Akari more so likes to sleep with Ichino) and have a cute relationship. Something that is brought out more so in the future of the series.

Also, it seems as if whenever they sleep together, Ichino gets kicked in the face when Akari wakes up. Unintentional I’m sure, but Ichino gets plenty pissed, and tells Akari that she can’t sleep with her anymore.Akari, defeated, trudges off to her room, where she then finds a surprise on her door.

Of course, in the first episode, Akari failed the Mid-Term, in last place to be exact, And on her door, to much of her and Ichino’s dismay, is a note for a Make-up exam. She isn’t the only one however. Since Ling-Pha had cheated in the mid-term, she also has to take a make up test, starting off the episode to some humorous extent.

As a note, this is also the first time we see her “Akari House.” A cardboard box Akari hides under when upset. It’s way to cute, and it’s a running gag they keep throughout the whole series.

Since Ling-Pha is a jerk pretty much, she uses her ancient 2000 year Chinese family to hack into the computers, and change the make up test to something called “Bike Hard.” A trial where you have to pedal along a roller coaster track with your bike. Coincidentally, the test was banned, but since Ling-Pha has been biking since before she could crawl, she assures her victory is in the bag.

Ichino, Akari’s everlasting best friend, bets Ling-Pha that Akari can beat her in the Bike Hard race, saying who ever loses has to run 100 laps with something embarrassing on their head. (A bald wig of course) Ling-Pha “graciously” accepts, and Akari’s training with a bike starts.

Akari sucks at a lot of things…like riding a bike. Ichino tires her hardest to teach Akari how to ride a bike successfully, but Akari is too much of a oaf to do it. After the day is over, Akari goes back to Ichino’s room, asking if she could sleep with her again. Ichino relents, and they’re back where they belong.

Can you tell? I’m a major IchinoXAkari shipper, there need to be more.

Jumping forward, The next day Akari and Ichino are out riding bikes before the make-up test starts. (Ichino clad with a Headband that says “win” and a large footprint on her face) They both stop eventually, and rest out a certain palm tree, which holds a lot between their friendship, and the series itself. Ichino sees a shuttle heading off into space, and gives a heartfelt confession on how she will make sure she goes to the place the Shuttle is going. (The University Satellite by the way, It’s what all the girls are there for in the first place) Ichino then asks Akari to make a promise they will both go there, but Akari was asleep, leaving Ichino annoyed at her Akari’s inability to pay attention.

Soon enough, it’s time for the test, and Akari and Ling-Pha are at the starting line. Before them though, are hoards of injured girls and bikes…all who failed to finish the test successfully. This make Akari more nervous, and Ling-Pha even more confident she’ll win.

The familiar woman on the P.A. system starts the race, and Ling-Pha rockets forward in the lead. Akari however is not too far behind, not even realizing her current position. All that’s on her mind is that she wants the race to finish.

Ling-Pha figures maybe she could lose this, and to be “better safe than sorry,” she lights of a firecracker, giving the signal to her lackeys to start hacking the track, making it unstable, and wobble all over the place, causing Akari to just be shot up in the air repeatedly.

Ichino is watching from the sidelines, and has no idea what’s going on. Ayla suddenly appears, and mentions that it seems to be a system malfunction, and that somebody is probably behind the scenes intentionally messing up the race. Ichino gets it, then runs off, to find out who it is.

As quickly as Ichino left, Jesse appears, and she watches the race, and the somewhat tense atmosphere between her and Ayla is obvious.

Ichino gets to the control room, sees Ling-Pha’s lackey, and proceeds to beat them up, her herself destroying the room, causing the track to be even more unstable, And Ling-Pha is also in the peril of being thrown around. Jesse gets annoyed at how unlike a real race this is, and leaves. Ayla stays however.

Akari and Ling-Pha are thrown unto different areas of the track, Akari is on a straightaway, and Ling-Pha is now on a giant hill, unknown to her, that it is a lead-off to a giant cliff.

Akari sees this however, and yells out in vain that there’s a cliff up ahead. Ling-Pha thinks it’s a trick however, and then proceeds to realize, once in midair of course, that Akari was in fact telling the truth.

Now falling to her death, Ling-Pha pulls out money in hopes that a wad of cash will save her. Finding it to be null, Ling-Pha freaks out, realizing she now will die. Akari however, in fear that her friend will be seriously injured, jumps from where she is, to the hill that Ling-Pha fell off of, showing her true strength. Akari pedals down the giant cliff, and tries to catch the falling Ling-Pha.

Ayla and Ichino who are both watching this, are both surprised. Ayla however is really into the fight. Surprised at Akari’s sudden strength, and where it could have possibly been pulled from.

Akari races down the cliffside to save Ling-Pha. Just before the bottom of the cliff comes up, Akari finds that last burst of speed, and grabs Ling-Pha’s hand, pulling her up onto the seat. Akari brakes the bike, and stops on the side of the cliff, right at the bottom, saving herself and Ling-Pha. (It couldn’t happen, but hey, its anime.)

Akari is now pedalling with Ling-Pha on the back. Ling-Pha asks why Akari would help a girl who was so mean to her before, and Akari responds in that cute way, that she would do anything for a friend in trouble. Ling-Pha gets teary eyed, and says she’s lucky to have a friend like her.

Right at the finish line, Ling-Pha pulls the eject seat, sending Akari into the sky, and Ling-Pha crosses the finish line. Ichino who was touched by the new-found friendship that seemed to be sparked between Akari and Ling-Pha, gets enraged and asks what was up with all the crap that Ling-Pha said about friendship and all that. Ling-Pha says she meant it, but such is adolescence, and then begins to laugh.

Akari is now laying on the ground, unsure of what happened.

Now that the make-up exam is over, A bulletin says that the make up exam didn’t count, and would have to be taken again. Ichino and Akari are running laps of course, Bald wigs and all. Akari is hiding in her Akari house, wimpering.

This is one of my favorte episodes of the series, just becasue it’s so extreme. and that was too long of a post. I need a break.