This is a question that has plagued many of Otaku; Fillers. You like them, or would you rather just keep with the plot?

For a while, I was never one to per-say hatefillers. There’s some in every anime, and unless the anime has nothing to do with anything, then I’ll watch them without complaining. But after watching a series like…lets say Bleach, fillers get annoying QUICK.

I was a big fan of Bleach until the 70th episode or so. I knew there would be filler after the whole Soul Society arc, but when I realized the filler was just going to keep on, I gave up, and I haven’t even watched Bleach since.

I only minded filler when I was tired of a serious plot. The random fillers in the SS arc of Bleach were fine because they were only a couple episodes that consisted thereof. But when it gets to a point where they will go a totally different direction from where the manga goes, then I lose interest.

But then I realize, I give acceptions to some anime, and still enjoy the fillers that attack them. Sailor Moon has a ton of filler episodes. Either if it’s the camping trip where the inners get attacked by a mud monster or the episode where the inners, outers, and the Starlights all are stuck in Usagi’s considerably small kitchen, I loved them all, and some even became my favorite episodes, but then why give Sailor Moon a chance, and not Bleach?

I can say the same for Naruto. Although I’m not much of a fan as some “Narutards” are, I skip past the filler episodes. I just don’t see a need to watch them, since most of the time, they have nothing to add to the plot whatsoever.

But then, like I mentioned, there are anime that has no plot really whatsoever. Azumanga Daioh could be seen as a whole series of filler, but I’m still a pretty big Tomo-Fangirl. But then you think, are all the episodes that don’t really have to do with much, (since there are usually many little stories in each episode) could they be seen as filler? Since the biggest plot is in the last few episodes when they’re all trying to get into college?

I was on this all day, trying to cement how I actually feel about these “fanfic-esc” episodes, and I couldn’t figure it out. What are most of your thoughts on Filler? For those of you who actually read my blog….