So, I havent posted for a few days for a few reasons.

1. I have a lot of pre-college stuff to take care of.

2. I’m figuring out all my AnimeBlogger stuff.

That’s right! Pretty soon I’ll be on Anime Blogger!

*awaits applause*

Hopefully this could be my big boost in traffic and such, plus, I actually have my own site now, and I must say, I’m excited.

For a few more days, I’ll be moving all my posts and such manually over to the new blog. I can’t import, so I have to backdate and everything to make sure it’s the same. When the new blog is up, I’ll keep this one up for a while so you all can change your bookmarks and such. Thank you all who have been supporting me by reading my blog so far, lets hope I can actually update more often now that I’ll have a site.

Watashi Wa Ganbare Masu!