I’m a much bigger fan of Japanese music than I am actual American music. I usually find that rather not knowing what the lyrics mean adds to the song, instead of everytime you hear it, trying to figure out what teh said artist meant by “If you really want to be with my lover, you gotta be with my friends…”

Therefore, I have quite an impression of anime music, and below is the list of the most catchiest to me, or the songs that have like a 60+ playcount on Itunes.

5. GetBackers – Yuragu Kotonai Ai

This was one of those songs I didn’t like the first time, then really got into after I started to watch the anime. Of course the ED is just as great, but I really like Naomi Tamura. This song although, seemed to fit perfectly with the anime at that certain point. I mean it’s the inspirational stuff you see in every other anime, yet it still retains that unique, rock-pop sound to it. not much else to say about the song besides the fact it kicks major butt.