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So, I’m a more recent member of the Anime Blogger Forums.This a great forum by the way, a lot of really good bloggers are there, and it’s somewhat a honor to be able to post there.

I wanted to be a part of Anime Blogger although ever since I came across the site. To imagine me; being on a list of great anime bloggers! Right up there with those Sea Slug guys and Matthew! So at first, yes, that is why I joined the forum. Get to know everyone on a personal basis. Get feedback from the people who have some of the most successful sites. And since mine is the exact opposite from all those “latest anime sites,” I could use it more so.
Cool thing is, Maestro, of Maesro’s Anime Blog, said he would gladly host my blog if I want. Now I wish I had known this of course before I made all the adjustments to this one here on WP, but live and learn. Eventually, when I’m able to move this WordPress account into the WP you can download and upload to wherever you want, then I’ll probably change my address, but for now, since I can’t do that until WP 2.1 comes out, I’ll have to be happy here, which isn’t that big of a problem.

So yeah, it may take a while, and I may only have one reader of this blog, but you’ll see my name on that list one day! And then I’ll laugh! Laugh like Naga does constantly! And always at the wrong time! A Ho Ho Ho Ho….

And just for the heck of it, Naga laughing.


Yes, so this is the first post of the soon to be “famous” anime review site, “Non-Otaku Anime.”

I’m a pretty big anime fan. I dislike stuff on Adult Swim, I have posters all over my room, I download torrents and Fantranslations. I wear anime shirts to show my fandom, I’ve circled my life around it in a way. But even with all that, I never been an anime fan.

I don’t buy anime DVD’s. I read manga only online, and I research anime instead of actually watching it. And one day I was thinking whist I was reading Sea Slugs, “I need to become a better anime fan than this…”

Well, three-hundred dollars later, I bought my first anime box-sets. I desided from that point on, I would watch all the anime I just never botherd to see. Escaflowne, Ah My Goddess, (I saw the movie…twas’ good), Even anime like Hare+Guu I need to see.

Long post short, This blog isn’t for all those new fangled anime, it’s for all the stuff either you still haven’t seen, and some new stuff. (I’ve gotta review This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, that there is a great anime.) So if you’re looking for all the latest info on anime where you can’t even pronounce the name of it, then this is not the place for you.

Although, if you’re not ashamed to admit you STILL haven’t seen all the Sailor Moon movies yet, then join me in the search to discover all the anime the world forgot. Or finished years ago.

…….Although I can safely say, I’ve seen all the Sailor Moon movies. I love Usagi.