These are all the things that should be here…for some reason I’m still not sure of. There’s not a lot, but it’s still fly.

Other Writings:

I write for Akussa Anatis. It’s a upcomming anime web magazine, and I wirte the article “In The Stands.” I review all the anime/Japan related magazines that come out that month. I also talk about thinkgs like American Influence on Japan’s culture when it comes to Magazines, and all that funky stuff. I suggest checking out all the other articles that are there, and support the cause.

Also, it may not count for much, but I’m also a poster in the RPG, “The Ultimate High School RPG.” It may be Bleach based, but it’s one hell of a RPG.


Avatars: (These avatars are made by my good friend, Sushi-X. Please dont steal.) More will be put up soon.